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Test Automation you'll actually like

Simple. Collaborative. Adaptable.

Why Gauge is better for Testers

Write test specifications in Markdown. Gauge won't enforce a structure: write in a way that works for you. Generate readable documentation in the format of your choice.
Gauge is lightweight and easy to get started. Install and initialize with a single command.

Your Tools

Automate in your favourite programming language and work in the IDE of your choice, across platforms. Gauge supports C#, Java, Ruby, IntelliJ and Visual Studio out-of-the-box.
Easily test with large data sets, while keeping specifications highly readable. Gauge reads test data from text, CSV, and more.
Keep your test suite as DRY as your production code. Gauge’s robust refactoring propagates changes throughout the test suite, reducing duplication and evolving your tests with your application.
Take advantage of Gauge's plugin architecture. Extend by adding support for IDEs, languages, drivers, datasources, text execution events and more. Author plugins in Golang, in which Gauge itself is written, or any other language.

Your Tools

Gauge supports Java, C#, Ruby, IntelliJ, Visual Studio out-of-the-box. Its first class command line support helps integrate seamlessly with your Continuous Delivery setup.
Run your tests in parallel with a single command from the IDE or command line. It works exactly the same across all languages.

Why we built Gauge

  • ThoughtWorks, creator of Selenium and Twist, has been a key innovator in the automated testing ecosystem for more than a decade. We love it and want to help solve the hardest problems people face in the testing and automation world.
  • We care about solving problems for all, not just those on a specific platform. Gauge is built with a plugin architecture so that you can use it with any language, IDE and ecosystem you want.
  • We are passionate about open source and test automation.
  • We support all testers regardless of automation experience.

What our users say

After more playing @getgauge is upgraded to awesome - loving the IntelliJ integration (Eclipse and VS/C# also supported, as is ruby).
Jez Humble via Twitter
Gauge has revolutionized our automated testing process, allowing us to write an automated testing framework that is simple to use, even for non-technical users. We have a complex Web UI that we run hundreds of tests on, across multiple browser permutations.
Chris Stanush Test Automation Engineer, Mattersight Corporation
Gauge is easy and lightweight to work with. We use Gauge for all our clients' automation needs, and we are extremely satisfied with how efficient the automation and deployment experience has been, even on the cloud.
Vivekanand Jha
Director, Nineleaps Technology Solutions