To execute a spec or set of specs in a directory use the following command.

$ gauge specs/login_test.spec


$ gauge specs/

This will give a colored console output with details of the execution as well an execution summary.

Single scenario execution

A single scenario of a specification can be executed by specifying the line number in the span of that scenario in the spec. To execute a Admin Login scenario in the following spec use gauge specs/login_test.spec:4 command.

1>   Configuration
2>   =============
4>   Admin Login
5>   -----------
6>   * User must login as "admin"
7>   * Navigate to the configuration page

This executes only the scenario present at line number 4 i.e Admin Login in login_test.spec. In the above spec, specifying line numbers 4-7 will execute the same scenario because of the span.

Multiple scenarios can be executed selectively as follows :

$ gauge specs/helloworld.spec:4 specs/helloworld.spec:7

These scenarios can also belong to different specifications.

Errors during execution

1. Parse error in a spec file:

This occurs if the spec file doesn't follow the expected specifications syntax or parameters could not be resolved.


[ParseError] hello_world.spec : line no: 25, Dynamic parameter <product> could not be resolved

2. Unimplemented steps present in spec file

If the spec file has a step that does not have an implementation in the projects programming language there will be a validation error.

Appropriate underlying code implementation has to be provided for all the steps in the specs to be executed.


login.spec:33: Step implementation not found. login with "user" and "p@ssword"

3. Failure to launch the language runner plugin

If the language specific plugin for the project has not been installed then the execution will fail.

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