Gauge Project Templates

Gauge provides templates that can be used to bootstrap the process of initializing a Gauge project along with a suitable build dependency tool, webdriver etc.

To list all the Gauge project templates available, run the following command:

$ gauge --list-templates

These templates can also be found in Bintray Gauge Templates.

Initialize a Gauge project with Template

Say you want to initialize a Gauge project with Java as language for writing test code and Selenium as driver of choice. You can quickly setup such project which is ready to start writing tests with selenium by using java_maven_selenium Gauge template.

To initialize a Gauge project with a template, choose a name from the list shown on running gauge --list-templates and pass that name as an argument when initializing the Gauge project.

For example, to create a Gauge project with the java_maven_selenium template, you need to run this command:

$ gauge --init java_maven_selenium

This template creates a Gauge project with Maven as build tool and the selenium Webdriver. This will download the Gauge template java_maven_selenium and setup your project with useful sample code.

Now, you can start writing Specifications and execute them.

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