Concepts provide the ability to combine re-usable logical groups of steps into a single unit. It provides a higher level abstraction of a business intent by combining steps.

They are defined in .cpt format files in the specs directory in the project. They can be inside nested directories inside the specs directory.

  • Concepts are used inside spec just like any other step. The appropriate parameters are passed to them.
  • On execution all the steps under the concepts are executed in the defined order.

Note: A single .cpt file can contain multiple concept definitions.

Defining a concept

Create a .cpt file under specs directory with the concept definition.

The concept definition contains the 2 parts:

  • Concept header
  • Steps

Concept header

The concept header defines the name of the concept and the parameters that it takes. It is written in the markdown H1 format.

  • All parameters are defined in angular brackets < >.
  • A concept definition must have a concept header.


# Concept name with <param0> and <param1>


The concept header is followed by the steps that are used inside the concept. They are defined in the usual step structure.

  • All the parameters used from the concept header will be in < > brackets.
  • Fixed static parameter values are written in quotes " ".
  • Other concepts can also be called inside the concept definition.

Example of Concept definition

# Login as user <username> and create project <project_name>

* Login as user <username> and "password"
* Navigate to project page
* Create a project <project_name>

In the above example:

  • The first line is the concept header
  • The following 3 steps are abstracted into the concept

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