Special Parameters

Special parameters provide the ability to pass larger and richer data into the steps as parameters.

  • They are entered in angular brackets - <> in the step. There are 2 types of special parameters available in Gauge
  • They contain 2 parts separated by a colon :

Prefix : This defines the type of special parameter. e.g. file, table.

Value : This defines the value for the type of special parameter.


The different special parameter types are:


These are used to read files and pass the file content as a string parameter to the underlying steps.

The prefix and value are below:

Prefix : The prefix is file

Value : The value is the path to the file.

* Verify email text is <file:email.txt>
* Check if <file:/work/content.txt> is visible

The path to the file can be the relative path from the Gauge project or an absolute path to the file.


Tables are used to pass table value into steps read from an external CSV file. The parameter text in the step contains a prefix table and the path to the csv file.

Prefix : The prefix is table

Value : The value is the path to the csv file.

* Step that takes a table <table:data.csv>
* Check if the following users exist <table : /Users/john/work/users.csv>

Sample csv file:

1,The Way to Go On
2,Ivo Jay Balbaert

The first row is considered as table header. Following rows are considered as the row values.

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