Creating a Gauge project

Command line

To create or initialize a Gauge project use the gauge --init command. In an empty directory run

$ gauge --init <language>

Replace with the programming language in which you want to write the test code. See supported programming language runners.

Note: Currently this command creates the Gauge project in the current directory. If you would like to specify a location, then you will have to manually create that dir and navigate to it before you run --init language

$ mkdir <location for Gauge project>
$ cd <location for Gauge project>

$ gauge --init <language>


$ gauge --init java
$ gauge --init csharp
$ gauge --init ruby

This will initialize a gauge project with all the necessary project files.


Note: This will download and install the specific language plugin if it is not currently installed.


  • Create your project using the project creation wizard in your favorite IDE. See IDE support for supported addons.

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