C# Project files

When creating a new Gauge C# project, the csharp specific project files created in the project are:

├── foo.csproj
├── foo.sln
├── manifest.json
├── packages.config
├── StepImplementation.cs
├── env
│   └───default
│           default.properties
    └───<Nuget Package Binaries>
│       AssemblyInfo.cs


For nuget. Contains the dependencies for Gauge. One can add more to this list, depending on your project needs.


Contains the implementations for the sample steps defined in hello_world.spec.


This defines default configurations for gauge csharp runner plugin. Currently the configuration parameters are:

  • gauge_reports_dir - The path to the gauge reports directory. Should be either relative to the project directory or an absolute path
  • overwrite_reports - Set as false if gauge reports should not be overwritten on each execution. A new time-stamped directory will be created on each execution. This is true by default.

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