Plugin Installation

Plugins are installed using the flag install, this checks our plugin repository and downloads them. gauge --install <plugin_name>


gauge --install html-report

To install a specific version of a plugin use the --plugin-version flag.

gauge --install html-report --plugin-version 2.1.0

Offline Installation

If plugin should be installed from a zip file instead of downloading from plugin repository, use the --file or -f flag.

gauge --install html-report --file ZIP_FILE_PATH

Download the latest version of plugin from the Releases section of the respective repository. See plugin list to find the repositories.

Adding plugins to a project

Once plugins are installed, they can be added to the project by using the add-plugin flag

gauge --add-plugin <plugin_name>

gauge --add-plugin xml-report

Updating plugins

To update a plugin to the latest version of it, use the --update flag. This downloads the latest plugin from our plugin repository.

gauge --update <plugin_name>


gauge --update java

To update a plugin to a specific version, use the --plugin-version flag.

gauge --update java --plugin-version 0.3.2

You can also update all the installed plugins by running

gauge --update-all

Read the Installation troubleshooting for more.

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