Reporting features

The test results report should be easy to comprehend and should be useful for all the stakeholders.

Html report

  • A comprehensive test results report template prepared in a html format providing the overall summary with drill down of the test cases executed and effort spent during the testing for each stage and feature.
  • It provides the details for the defects found during the run.
  • It indicates the tests by color code - failed(red), passed(green) and skipped(grey).
  • The failure can be analyzed with the stacktrace and screenshot(captures unless overwritten not to).
  • The skipped tests can be analyzed with the given reason.
  • Custom Report Messages allows users to add messages at runtime.

Xml report

  • This follows the junit format which allows integration with CI.
  • It summarizes the success, failure(with stacktrace) and skipped tests with reason.

Gauge also allows custom reporting plugins to be added if required.

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