It is advised to use the latest version of gauge and gauge plugins. See our download page for links to latest installation

Validation Errors

[WARN] Validation failed. The following steps have errors

These generally occur if step implementation is not found for a particular step.

  • Ensure the step implementation for the step has been added.
  • The step template marking the step in code is case sensitive and should match the step usage in the spec file.

Compatibility errors

Failed to start a runner. Compatible runner version to 0.0.7 not found
  • The language plugin installed is not compatible with the gauge version installed.
  • Run gauge --install language_NAME to install the latest compatible version. See plugin installation for more details

Execution Errors

Error: too many open files
  • This error occurs when the upper limit to open the number of files is too low. To fix the error, increase the upper limit by adding the command ulimit -S -n 2048 to your ~/.profile file and relogin.

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