Why Gauge?

The communication breakdowns between Developers and Business Stakeholders is a common risk of software development. Gauge is an advanced automation tool that allows requirements to be written in a way that will be understood by all roles in a project and help bridge the gap.

Some of the key features of Gauge that make it stand unique include:

  • A rich markup based on markdown
  • Simple, Flexible and Rich Syntax
  • Business Language Tests : Supports the concept of executable documentation
  • Consistent Cross Platform/Language Support for writing test code. Currently supported languages.
  • Open Source, so it could be shared freely and improved by others as well
  • A modular architecture with plugin support.
  • Extensible through plugins and Hackable
  • Supports External Data Sources
  • Helps you create Maintainable and Understandable test suites
  • IDE Support

Learn about the Gauge terminologies and get started.

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